• Earth Day, Everyday
  • April 22nd, 2014
  • Last July, the Co-op took another step in the direction of environmental sustainability.  After partnering with Full Circle Organics, we began composting waste from deli preparations, diverting 35,908 pounds of food waste and compostable food packaging from traditional landfills.  35,908 pounds! All that waste is picked up from the Co-op and taken to Good Thunder for recycling.

    100_0453Organic waste can be composted with the end result being…soil!  The benefits of composting organic waste are multifold:

      * Diverts waste from going to the landfill
      *Reduces harmful greenhouse landfill gases
      *Contributes to building healthy soil for    farmers and gardeners
      *Finished compost is a healthy alternative to    chemical based fertilizers



    More information on Full Circle Organics can be found on their website:

    Happy Earth Day! And we hope to see you on our 3rd Birthday (in the new store) this Friday and Saturday!

  • March Campaign 2014
  • March 4th, 2014
  • mailchimp_MARCHCAMPAIGN

     For the past several years, the St. Peter community has joined together to raise food and monetary donations for the St. Peter Area Food Shelf as part of Minnesota FoodShare’s March Campaign.  Last year we joined together with the Twin City area co-ops to raise over 100,000 pounds/dollars in donations and we are excited to keep this partnership alive this year.  With all food and money donated in St. Peter staying right here at the St. Peter Area Food Shelf, this is our chance to give where we live. Last year, St. Peter rallied to raise over 3000 pounds/dollars during the March Campaign.

    Help us reach our goal of 3500 pounds/dollars.


  • The Chimayo
  • February 18th, 2014
  • chimayo

    Did you notice the new sandwich in the deli, the Chimayo?  It’s only here for a limited time, so be sure to try it while it lasts (until the end of this week).

    The deli staff is busy creating…and competing.  Every 2 weeks, three deli staff have the opportunity to wow their co-workers with creative and delicious sandwich ideas.  The winning staff member will have their sandwich featured on the sandwich board for two weeks.  Then it is up to you…the most popular sandwiches will find themselves a permanent home in the deli.

    This week’s creation is brought to you by Erik Foutch – the Chimayo.   Erik describes it as “a wonderful way to warm up this winter.”

    It all starts with the turkey.  You can’t have a great turkey sandwich without great turkey.  And you can’t have great turkey without well cared for and humanely raised turkeys.  Wow, was that too many turkeys in two sentences?

    DSC_0192The turkey used in the deli is raised in Cannon Falls with Ferndale Market, the way turkeys should be raised – on pasture, in flocks, and without any hormones or antibiotics.  After frolicking in the fields for a few months, we receive the whole turkey breasts here at the Co-op.  They are un-pressed and un-processed when they arrive.  The turkey breasts are then brined in a sugar-salt solution overnight, giving the turkey time to develop that juicy, delicious flavor.  The next day, they are roasted to perfection, ready for slicing and sandwiches.  All that pasture-frolicking sure leads to a delicious sandwich in the end!

    For more information on Ferndale Market Turkey, visit their website:

  • Whipped Coconut Oil
  • January 30th, 2014
  • By Statcie Eckerdt, Wellness Manager

    Coconut oil is a favorite product of many Co-op customers and staff members.  We take it as a supplement, cook with it, and use it for body and hair care.  Even though we love it, during the winter months, it can just be too much work.  Common complaints are “the coconut oil is hard to get out of the jar!” or “it is too much work.”  If you find yourself facing these annoying problems, keep on reading.

    DSC03652After searching for a clean, whipped, coconut oil product, I realized that the best product may be one made at home.   This is so easy, fun, and worth the little bit of effort required.  All you need is extra virgin coconut oil (organic is always the best policy and unrefined is recommended) and an electric mixer.

    1. Scoop the solid coconut oil into a mixing bowl.
    2. Mix on high speed with the wire whisk attachment for 5-7 minutes, until whipped into a light airy cream.  If it starts to melt during the whipping, you may put it in the fridge for a few minutes to firm it up, and then continue whipping.   You do not want the coconut oil to turn into liquid.
    3. Store in a glass jar, or a Talenti Gellato container (it is a great size, safe in the bathroom, and has a wide mouth for easy access to your dreamy whipped coconut oil!) at room temperature or in the fridge if starts to melt. It should stay soft even in colder temperatures.

    Add-ins can be fun and beneficial as well!  Try whipping these up with 1 cup coconut oil:IMG_3820[1]

    • 1 tsp. Argan Oil: extra hydration to soften your face, body, and hair.  Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and can also lighten scars and uneven skin tone.
    • 1 tsp. Jojoba Oil: great to prevent moisture loss, soothe irritated skin, and for dry and mature skin.  Jojoba oil is closest to our skin’s natural sebum.
    • 1 tsp. Rosehip Seed Oil: for symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis; it also protects your skin from the stressors (like the sun and pollution) that cause wrinkles and protects your hair and scalp from itchy dryness.

    Essential Oil: add a few to several drops, to your liking or needs – here are a few suggestions:

    • Tea Tree is excellent in coconut oil for an acne oil wash: rub onto face/body, allow to rest for 5 minutes, wipe with a steamy washcloth, done!
    • Lavender can be used for most troubled skin types, also for relaxation.
    • Peppermint is stimulating, good for nausea and headaches, and feels great on tired feet!
    • The list goes on, you can do your own research or come into the Co-op and we can help find the right essential oil for you!

    Food grade essential oils make delicious lip balms or flavor whipped oil used for supplementation.  It can also be added when oil- pulling, a technique used for teeth whitening and cleansing your gums:  take 1-2 tsp extra virgin coconut oil, add a few drops of clove or peppermint oil, swish for 20 minutes, spit into the garbage (to avoid a clogged sink), rinse with warm water, and brush.

    Have fun whipping up your own coconut oil creations!  Package them in a pretty jar with a ribbon for a gift to yourself or a friend!

    For more information visit: